Welcome to Kinky Summer

Once a year, a group of dreamers come together in a lush paradise, a place where imagination and whimsical delight are cherished and nurtured. These dreamers converge to celebrate and dance in the name of love and life as the old year becomes new and the clocks turn back to zero.

Join us in our incredible home filled with sonic pleasures, friendly faces and abounding with surprises of the most exotic nature.

Kinky Summer is brought to you by the minds behind We Love Summer and Kinky Disco. To us, New Year’s Eve celebrations are a sacred tradition, carried forward for thousands of years. Its a time to connect with you loved ones and friends to celebrate love and life together as the clocks turn back to zero and a new year is born.

This Year

This year, we are building a NYE CARNIVALE of the most BIZARRE and exotic nature. A true wonderland far from the city and modern civilization – a space where you are free to experience intriguing mysteries and new adventures and your every wish, dream and whimsical imagination can come to life!

For one night only, write yourself into folklore by taking part as you are transported to a mystical wonderland nestled between towering mountains and lush lawns. A bewitching joy for the senses where enchantment awaits and flamboyant fashion, merriment and excitement abounds!

Expect a melting pot of incredible treasures in countless forms and surprises around every turn. Bring your closest vagabonds and wander the grounds of our entrancing bazaar created just for you.

Feast your eyes and ears in a world that’s yours… But remember to take your time as magic is fleeting and it will all be over in a breath…
We cannot wait to share this incredible village with you, our closest gypsies and vagabonds.

It’s a KINKY SUMMER after all, and it’s time to CELEBRATE the NEW YEAR!

brought to you by VC